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We currently have three labs for performing various optics and electronics measurements:

  • Rm. 267 Watson (Cavity-Optomechanics Lab)
  • Rm. 269 Watson (Optomechanical Sensor Lab)
  • Rm. 269A-B Watson (Superconducting Quantum Circuits and Low Temperature Lab)

We also have several labs dedicated to the fabrication and "connectorization" of nanoscale devices:

  • Rm. 35 Steele (class 10,000/1,000 cleanroom for nanofabrication)
  • Rm. 33 Steele (superconducting thin-film deposition)
  • Rm. 30 Steele (back-end processing, wire-bonding, and fiber mounting)

For high-resolution and wafer-scale electron-beam lithography we utilize the KNI facilities.