Group photo circa 2013 (from left to right: Richard Norte, Su-Peng Yu, Simon Groeblacher, Justin Cohen, Jeff Hill, Barry Baker, Quinn Painter (front), Alex Krause, OJP, Alessandro Pitanti, Tim Blasius, Johannes Fink, Taofiq Paraiso, Michele Collodo, Sean Meenehan; Missing: Amir Safavi-Naeini, Michelle Aldecua).



Oskar Painter, Rm. 266 Watson, x8008, e-mail, web

Admininstrative Assistant:


Michelle Aldecua, Rm. 264 Watson, x3982, e-mail

Lab Manager:


Barry (the fabulous one) Baker, Rm. 275 Watson, x8348, e-mail



Johannes Fink, Rm. 268 Watson, x6160, e-mail


Alessandro Pitanti, Rm. 273 Watson, x5880, e-mail


Kejie Fang, Rm. 215 Steele, x, e-mail


Carly Donahue, Rm. 268 Watson, x6160, e-mail

Graduate Students

Richard Norte (G7), Rm. 268 Watson, x6160, e-mail

Justin Cohen (G5), Rm. 264 Watson, x3086, e-mail,


Alex Krause (G5), Rm. 270 Watson, x2478, e-mail

Sean Meenehan (G5), Rm. 264 Watson, x3086, e-mail


Tim 'DaMan' Blasius (G4), Rm. 270 Watson, x2478, e-mail


Greg MacCabe (G1), Rm. 273 Watson, x5880, e-mail




Simon Gröblacher, e-mail

Taofiq Paraiso, e-mail

Tom Parton, e-mail

The ghost of El Duderino!

Alumni (~chronologically):

Lukas Heinzle (Masters Student, ETH Zurich)

Taofiq Paraiso (KNI post-doctoral fellow). Now at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light.

Amir Safavi-Naeini (Ph.D. graduate, June 2013). Currently a post-doc with Andreas Wallraff at ETH Zurich. In Sept. 2014, moving to Stanford University (LINQS).

Jeff Hill (Ph.D. graduate, June 2013). Currently a post-doc with Hideo Mabuchi at Stanford.

Simon Groeblacher (IQIM and Marie Curie postdoctoral fellow).

Michele Collodo (Masters Student, University of Erlangen/MPL)

Lev Krayzman (SURF)

Daniel Kong (SURF)

William Livingston (SURF)

Martin Winger (post-doc). Now back in Zurich (link).

Jasper Chan (Ph.D. graduate, June 2012). Now an entrepreneur in the Bay Area "mak'n it rain".

Matt Eichenfield (PhD graduate (May 2010) and KNI post-doc). Now at SANDIA labs as a Truman Fellow (link).

Qiang Lin (post-doc). Now a Professor in the Institute of Optics and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Rochester (link).

Thiago Alegre (post-doc). Now a Professor at the Universidade Estadual de Campinis (link).

Darrick Chang (IQI post-doctoral scholar).

Jessie Rosenberg (Ph.D. graduate, May 2010). Now at IBM TJ Watson Research Center (e-mail).

Ryan Camacho (post-doc). Now at SANDIA labs.

Raviv Perahia (Ph.D. graduate, May 2009). Now at HRL.

Chris Michael (Ph.D. graduate, May 2009). Now an Associate at Booz-Allen-Hamilton (e-mail).

Tom Johnson (Ph.D. graduate, March 2009) Operations Research Analyst, Office of the Secretary of Defense - Cost Analysis and Program Evaluation. e-mail, web

Paul Barclay (Ph.D. graduate, June 2007). Now a Professor at the University of Calgary (link).

Kartik Srinivasan (PhD graduate (June 2006) and CPI post-doctoral fellow). Now at the Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology (CNST), a division of NIST (link).

Matt Borselli (Ph.D. graduate, June 2006); now at HRL, e-mail.

Patrick Herring (SURF)

Rico Chu (research assistant)

Colin Chrystal (SURF)

Rudy Nunez (SURF)

Stefan Maier (post-doc); now a Professor at Imperial College London (link).

Wenxian Hong (high school student)

Marko Cetina (SURF).

Hermes Huang (SURF).

Jennifer Lee (SURF).

Painter Research Group, May 22, 2014 .