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Quantum Photonics Group Facility Usage Rates

Overview of QPG Facility User Fees

  • The Quantum Photonics Group (QPG) faciltities consist of a cleanroom (CR) laboratory for the fabrication of quantum devices and a low temperature laboratory for the test and measurement (T&M) of quantum devices at milliKelvin temperatures.
  • A monthly base rate is charged for all users accessing either the CR or the T&M QPG Facilities during a given month.  This base rate is used to recover costs associated with technical staff running and maintaining the facility, as well as basic utilities required to keep all of the equipment operational.
  • Daily rates are charged associated with usage of individual pieces of equipment as detailed below in the Tool Usage Rate table.

Note 1: Rates below are valid beginning October 1, 2019 and are subject to change

Note 2: Rates for JPL, Non-Caltech Academic, Government, and Corporate QPG lab members will be subject to Caltech's F&A (indirect/"overhead") costs. The F&A rate for fiscal year 2020 is 66.5%.

Monthly Base Rate

The Monthly Base Rate is a flat fee charged per lab member, per month. The current QPG Monthly Base fee is currently: $1000.00

Tool Usage Rate

Users/Tool Rate (per user/per hour)
Monthly Users $1,000.00
Plassys MEB 550S e-beam deposition system (Al, Nb, Ti, JJ fabrication) $40.00
Edwards Auto306A e-beam deposition (Au, Ag, SiOx) $40.00
Oxford ICP-RIE (Si, AlN, piezo-electric materials) $40.00
SPTS uEtch vapor HF etcher $40.00
UltraTech Fiji G2 Atomic Layer Deposition System (TiN, Al2O3, TiO2)  $40.00
Leica CPD300 Critical Point Dryer  $10.00
MilliKelvin Microwave Test System (BlueFors LD-250; 10mK) $20.00