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Steele 35


We maintain and run our own class 10,000/1,000 cleanroom. The cleanroom consists of a gown-up vestibule, a 1000 sq. ft. main cleanroom area (class 10,000), a 400 sq. ft. lithography room (class 1,000), and several service chaises for utilities. The lithography room has two 6' fumehoods, one for spinning resists and the other for wet etching of samples, as well as a critical point drying (CPD) system for release of micro- and nanomechanical structures. In the main cleanroom we have a field-emission scanning electron microscope (SEM) for imaging and e-beam writing, a high-depositon rate PECVD for depositing high-quality SiOx, SiOxNy, and a-Si thin films, an ICP-RIE system fitted with a wide temperature table (-180 deg. C to 400 deg. C) for etching of a variety of dielectric and semiconductor materials, a furnace for oxidation and/or annealing of samples, and an Edwards Auto-306 e-beam evaprator for evaporation of Au, Cr, and Ti thin-films.


Hitachi S4300 Scanning Electron Microscope 


Oxford ICP-RIE 180 and PECVD

Tube Furnace

Edwards Auto306 Electron-Beam Evaporator 


Nikon Optical Microscope


Leica Critical Point Dryer




Main Service Chaise of Cleanroom