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Watson 269

Optomechanical Sensor Lab

Lab 269 is currently dedicated to the test and measurement of optomechanical inertial sensors.  The lab houses a LHe continuous flow cryostat, similar to that in Lab 267, capable of testing devices down to temperatures of 4K and pressures of 10-6 Torr using fiber taper probes.  Specific to the Lab 269 cryostat, is an integrated piezo-electric shake table for in-plane acceleration testing and electrical feed-thrus for electrostatic actuation of mechanical devices.  In addition to the 4K cryostat, there are two small (~4" diameter) vacuum spheres with fiber-optic feed-thrus for vacuum testing of optomechanical sensors, a seperate fiber taper set-up for wafer-scale testing of devices at STP, and a home-built rig for fiber taper pulling and dimpling.

torch used during fiber taper fabrication

fiber taper testing set-up

organize your optical table and...

the "pink pig" variable optical coupler