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Watson 269A-B

Superconducting Quantum Circuits and Low Temperature Lab

We have recently installed in 269A-B a new cryogen-free (dry) BF-LD250 dilution refrigerator from Bluefors.  This dil fridge is capable of reaching 7mK base temperature, and is currently equipped with a series of optical fiber feed-thrus for low temperature optical measurements of devices, as well as x12 twisted pair lines (phosphor-bronze) for control/read-out of nanopositioning stages and x8 RF lines (SMA; 18GHz) for testing of microwave circuits and single-photon detector (SPD) read-out.  A set of attocube stages are mounted on the mixing chamber plate for nanopositioning of fiber-optics, and a pair of WSi SPDs provided to us by our JPL colleagues are located on the 800mK stage.  Currently two experiments co-habitate the BF-LD250 fridge, one involving optical measurements of silicon optomechanical crystals and the other involving electrical measurements of SiNx-membrane superconducting resonators coupled to nanomechanical resonators.

Attocube stage control for fiber alignment in the DF

white board graffiti

where 0.1dB signals go to die

turbo pump for He mix recirculation in DF